RG 146 and FPA Accreditation

The LPAC Program was the 1st specialist course for Australian financial advisers seeking accreditation and/or advanced training to use ASX listed investments. In 2003 the ASX commissioned us to create the LPAC Program as a benchmark for the financial planning industry, and today the LPAC Program is in use by many Australian dealer groups, including some of the largest – as well as many boutique and specialist advisers. Since then the LPAC Program has been listed on the ASIC Training Register as providing RG 146 accreditation for the areas of Securities, Managed Investments and Derivatives.

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RG 146
The basic LPAC Program may be taken in self paced or face to face mode. For advisers who are not yet RG 146 accredited in securities, managed investments and/or derivatives, and who wish to use the LPAC Program to obtain their units of competency for entry level qualification as a financial adviser, the basic LPAC Program can be supplemented by additional assessment and examination. The additional examination, enrolment for it, and assessment are provided by Integrity Education Group, which has been selected to partner with us to provide this additional service for LPAC students. Upon successful completion of the LPAC Program, plus the examination and assessment provided by Integrity Education Group, students will be awarded a statement of attainment certifying the following units of competency: FNSASIC503WB Provide advice in Securities, and FNSASIC503VB Provide advice in Derivatives. The following are pre-requisites to the units listed above: FNSICCUS506B, FNSICCUS507B, FNSFMKT502B, FNSFMKT503B, FNSICADV502B, FNSICPRO502B. The LPAC Program is listed on the ASIC Training Register and can be found at http://asic.gov.au/online-services/search-asics-registers/asics-training-register.

Please note, in order to obtain units of competency and entry level qualifications and RG 146 accreditation in securities, managed investments and/or derivatives, the basic LPAC Program must be supplemented by the additional assessment and examination provided by Integrity Education Group. Enrolment forms and further information are available at: www.integrityeducation.com.au or by calling Integrity Education Group on 1 300 400 346.

Master Classes
Around Australia, we regularly deliver the LPAC Program in one day intensive “Face to Face” or “Masterclass” mode. Contact us for details of the next enrolling Face to Face/Masterclass near you.