Individual student participation in each module and the overall course is assessed via the self-assessment components included in the Study Materials (ie, Module Activities and Case Studies).  Satisfactory completion of these  self assessment components is required to successfully complete the LPAC. This is worth 20% of total marks available.

Students can check their answers to the Module Activities and Case Studies by reviewing the "Sample Answers" for each Module in the "Additional Course Materials" section of the LPAC Online Resource Centre.

Prior to taking the final examination students must have completed and submitted their answers to the Case Studies which are supplied at the end of each module, (by e-mail ONLY to the LPAC Convenors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This component of the LPAC is self assessed: students should compare their answers to the sample answers supplied in the LPAC Online Resource Centre. No mark for the Case Studies will be supplied by the LPAC course convenors.

The formal assessment component (worth 80% of total marks) consists of a Final Examination to be conducted at the individual students's conclusion of the LPAC. Students wishing to sit the Final Examination need to order it by contacting LPAC Online (by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We ask that you give us 5 working days prior notice before you wish to sit the exam.

It is a requirement for sitting the exam that you also contact us 24 hours prior to sitting the exam to confirm your intention to sit it. Your Final Examination will be forwarded to you electronically for completion in accordance with the instructions which accompany it.

The LPAC exam must be completed and returned by fax to LPAC Online Pty Ltd for marking within 48 hours from the time it is supplied to students. The LPAC exam is open book but may not be completed in syndicates; students must attempt it without outside assistance from any other person.

Program Assessment Process directs attention to the requirement that the LPAC has a strong skills focus, as indicated by majority of the assessment marks being directed towards knowledge application tasks.

Students are required to obtain >50% Mark in each Module and the Final Examination in order to satisfactorily complete the Course.