LPAC - June, Short Course

Financial planning strategies for risky times –
Coping with record share prices and low interest rates
Sydney Masonic Centre 9 June/Melbourne Convention Centre 10 June/Brisbane Convention Centre 11 June 2015
Half Day Intensive Short Course
"Specifically designed for financial advisers using ASX listed products & mFunds"

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Global and Australian markets are at a turning point. Without care, advisers and clients are assuming increased risk or accepting sub-optimal returns as they try to respond to:
  • Australian interest rates, which are at all time lows,
  • Many blue chip stocks, which are at all time highs,

This exclusive LPAC 1/2 day intensive short course features handpicked experts sharing their views on key stocks, LICs, hybrids, ETFs and ASX mFunds to help you cope with these challenges:
  • innovative insights around portfolio construction and re-balancing
  • the new wave of defensive and equity income investments to supplement TDs and traditional fixed income
  • dealing with tail and sequencing risk
  • blending and implementing model portfolios

Practical tools and strategies will be the focus of this not to be missed event.

This is a sponsor free event, all speakers are hand-picked and registration costs are $85pp for early bird and LPAC program participants.

Session One: Should Clients Reduce their Direct Share Exposure (And What Should they do Instead)?

845am – 945am
Moderated Debate:

  • David Buckland (CEO Montgomery Investments)
  • Malcolm Palmer (Managing Partner, Joseph Palmer & Sons)

Session Two:Adding Hybrids and Listed Property to Portfolios to Enhance Client Returns – What Does the Evidence Show?

945am – 1030am
Moderated Discussion:

  • Barry Ziegler (Head of Fixed Income, Bell Potter)
  • Howard Brenchley (Director, APN Property Group)

Session Three: Equity Income and Defensive Investing – The New Wave

1045am – 1145am
Moderated Panel Discussion:

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation: Multi – Asset Investment for Absolute Returns
    Oliver Trusler (Director, Schroder Investment Management)
  • Managing Tail and Sequencing Risk with Equity Investments                                                                               Vinnie Wadhera CIMA (Director, BetaShares)

Session Four: Pulling It All Together – Managed Accounts and Scalable Implementation of Model Portfolios

1145am – 1230pm
Case Study and Moderated Discussion:

  • David Heather, CEO, Managed Investments
  • Advisers from each location

Strategic Outcome of the LPAC ½ Day Short course
As a successful financial planner you have weathered the post GFC storm and continue to use direct investments as a core part of your service offering. Smart new products and service providers offer important tools to enhance your value proposition, as well as to help your clients manage risk. Participants will learn a range of strategies to assist with blending a long term/buy and hold approach in the share portfolio, with the opportunity for including a sound component of innovative defensive investments. The course will showcase tools to evaluate and advise on these investments as well as practical guidance on managing business risk and enhancing the adviser value proposition.

About the Program
Since 2003 the LPAC program has accredited over 2000 of Australia’s leading financial advisers, to use ASX listed products. We are an approved training provider to AMP, Hillross, Securitor, Count, PIS, Infocus, IOOF, AIOFP and most of Australia’s leading boutique advisers. The LPAC program is independent and as part of our service we regularly deliver topical webinars and conferences with handpicked experts sharing their insights.

The LPAC ½ day short course is a sponsor free event, all speakers have been selected for their expertise and presentation skills. To reduce registration fees, speakers are contributing to the venue hire and CPD accreditation only, on an “at-cost” basis.

As a service to LPAC program members, we strive to deliver excellent technical content at a reasonable price. As noted above, we do not accept sponsorship from product providers and we are free to select speakers based on their merit. Extending that approach we have set the registration fee for the LPAC ½ day intensive short course at the price of $95pp (with an LPAC member and early bird rate of $85pp). FPA CPD points will be provided.